Through razorpay you can make the payment and opt for EMI Option on all courses for 24 month EMI option are there.

Workshop/webinar will be conducted prior to course commencement

Yes, you have to complete the course by submitting the assignments given in within a specific duration of course.

No, you cannot download the videos. But you can watch the class recordings after the class is done

No, you cannot download the exercise and hands on files. Except the ones provided

Yes, you can watch the videos again at any time

yes, you can catch up with your missed classes by watching and learning from the class recording and you can always ask your doubts to the respective mentors.

One hour is scheduled for the class and 15 minutes will be allotted to resolve the doubts.

yes, you can skip classes and watch the class recordings.

Yes, you can check the courseware

Yes, you have to submit the assignments in order to be certified by us.

Yes, you can redo and resubmit your assignments before the course is completed

A certificate will be provided by an architectural firm for the respective online courses

Course will be held online. The classes will be scheduled as per the specified dates and days as mentioned on the website.

You can ask your queries to the concerned course mentor through-

Course duration is as mentioned in the respective course details webpage.

Yes, there are assignments given to check your understanding of the content taught.

Yes, we are engaging live online classes.

A link to access your class will be provided to you after registration, which will be valid for one year.

No, there is no restriction on viewing the class recording. You can watch it multiple times.

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