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To practice on your own or to get a good job, you need experience it takes a fair amount of time to get good experience in the field of architecture, civil engineering, and interior designing, so you can cut short the time but still gain the exposure directly from practicing professionals by learning the trick of the trade of building execution. 

Get trained by professionals with step-by-step guides to execute a building with all the drawings necessary for execution. Practice with practicing professionals on a live project.

EMI Starting at
₹ 363/month *
Total Program Fee
₹7,499 *  ₹ 9,999 *

Next Batch Starts: JAN 2023

Limited no. of seats available

Program Duration: 1 Months

5 days a week ( 1.5 hours to 2 hours Class )

Course overview

Course content

1. Excavation Drawing and Column Layout

Excavation drawing shows the footing excavation dimension, column position, footing plan and grid lines of column. Column layout reinforces the design and pattern of the columns of the whole structure.

2. Schedule of openings and joinery details

As the title suggests, you will learn to create door and window schedules and create joinery details that are necessary for the construction of the timber and fabrication work.

3. Plinth Beam Layout and Wall details

Plinth beams layouts reinforce the support system of a building. The plinth beam layout drawings showcase the position, length and sectional design and are made floor wise. Wall details are crucial to know the position of all openings and their heights.

4. Lintel, Roof Beam and Shuttering Layout

Lintel beam and roof beam are provided to strength the part of the building above the openings and to give strength to overall building respectively. As the name suggests, shuttering layout provides a detailed account of the floors, roof faces, and other such surfaces that require precise edge information.

5. Electrical and plumbing drawings

Electrical drawings provide an in-depth details and location of electrical wiring, fixtures, sub-station, switches etc. The electrical load calculation, electrical legend, floor lighting plan, floor power plan, single line diagram, fire alarm layout, floor sound system and CCTV camera, equivalency chart, lightening protection. The plumbing construction plan illustrates the markings and the location of the plumbing components like sanitary, piping for water supply system, fixture, equipment, pipes, pumps, drains, taps and water outlets on every floor. This also includes the nature and size of sinks to the location of gas, and the process to connect every fixture.

6. Parapet, Compound, Garden and Gate Details

As the name suggests you will learn to design details of parapet wall/roof, compound wall, and gate and garden wall fabrication detail which are necessary for the execution of construction.

7. Fabrication Details and Tile detail

Fabrication details are provided to get the standard, sections and elevations with dimensions for welding details for the construction. You will learn to add such details wherever necessary in the building such as utility, steel windows etc. Tile details give the precise position for tile placement

8. Elevation details

Elevation measurements are given to get the heights of all openings and all the other details such as cladding or any other finishes for the easy understanding and execution of the same at site.

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